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Maroghini F.R.C. whose birth name is Keith Hanson is a multi-talented musician who has played and taught his profession throughout the Caribbean, North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Africa. He is a MASTER percussionist, author, sound therapist and vocalist.

He is known for his inspired commitment to ritualistic drumming and transformation through music.


Maroghini is a sort of miniature UN. He is Jamaican but his father was born in Nigeria, West Africa. Maroghini speaks German, French, English and Jamaican fluently and can entertain light conversation in West African Wolof.


His debut as a musician began at an early age, having received his first drum on his third birthday. It was his mother, a prominent music educator and performer who taught him the rudiments of music. As a youngster he started learning the rhythms and instruments of the different afro-jamaican art forms. He became profoundly immersed in the spiritual aspect of drumming.

Years later he studied Pharmacy at the "University Of Technology" in Kingston, Jamaica but switched to studying at the "Edna Manley College Of The Visual And Performing Arts" in Kingston, after deciding that music and not chemotherapy was the panacea for the world. Through studies at the college he got a profound practical training with a theoretical foundation. He left the school with a strong desire for more. It was the starting point of a unique odyssey in search of the roots of the African Art of drumming, which eventually led him to the honoured corridors of spiritual house Africa where he explored Wolof, Mandingo, Serer, Jola and Yoruba drumming. He also pursued studies in Latin percussion and Indian drumming in Europe. He spent years studying Indian Tabla drumming under masters from the Far East.

Maroghini is a former Lecturer at the Folkwang University(Folkwang Hochschule) in Essen, Germany; Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston, Jamaica and has also been a music teacher and drum circle leader for hundreds of children and adults at Windsor Mountain International in the USA for close to 20 years.

​Maroghini has a solid foundation in metaphysics in which he focused heavily on transcendental music. For more than thirty years he has been an advanced Initiate in an ancient Esoteric Order, of which his family has been a part since the 1930's. Additionally, he has taken part in countless ritualistic ceremonies throughout the world learning the mystical side of sound and music from many Traditional Healers, Shamans and Spiritual teachers. He is the Author of the book  "SPIRITUAL DRUMMING---Jamaica's African and Indian musical heritage".

A pioneer in the field of music and sound therapy, he has worked with sound energy as a healing methodology in traditional as well as modern settings and is the creator of Psycho Acoustic Sound Session, a metaphysical and scientific sound therapy technique. In 1980, he collaborated on a study with the Neurological and Poly Clinic of the University Hospital in Essen, Germany on the physiological effects of drumming.

Maroghini has been privileged to perform with a number of well known groups and leading figures in the music industry among which include movie star Eddie Murphy; Dom um Romao--- former percussionist for Weather Report and Sergio Mendes; Carter Collins---former percussionist for Richie Havens; Mack Goldsbury---formerly of Stevie Wonder, Cher and Temptations; Papa Curvin--- formerly of Boney M; Tom Nicholas---former percussionist for Pharaoh Sanders; David Friedman---formerly of Bobby McFerrin and Yoko Ono; Master Drummer Mo Thiam---father of singer, Akon; Indian Tabla Master Trilok Gurtu, Mustafa Tettey Ade, Dudu Tucci, Jimmy Cliff and too many others to mention.

In the theater and dance world he has accompanied many renowned dance tutors, choreographers and dance companies such as Lavinia Williams, Lucky Zebella ----director "le ballet congolais de lucky zebella", Eduardo Rivero ---director "La Compania Nacional de Danza Contemporanea de Cuba" and the National Dance Theater Company of Jamaica(NDTC).

Maroghini has also done numerous studio recordings as percussionist for a long list of musicians a few of which include Lauryn Hill, Ziggy Marley, Steven Marley, Kymani Marley, Sizzla, Taurus Riley, Fantan Mojah, Protoje, Baby Cham, Robby Shakespear of Sly and Robby fame and countless other Jamaican and international musicians.

The nature loving Maroghini presently lives on the south coast of Jamaica where he walks with nature and embraces its life source for further inspiration.

The gateway to authentic Jamaican reggae and ancient drumming secrets of Condonble, Lukimi(lucimi), Abakwa(abakua), Santeria, kongo-based religions of the diaspora---palo, kumina, vodoun drums, pukumina and vodoun drum rhythms. The role of traditional drumming in spirit possession, rituals, psychic healing, spirit invocation and the occult. An exploration of afro-jamaican retentions in afro-jamaican religions, afro-jamaican drumming and percussion, nyabingi drumming. Jamaican drumming and reggae percussion and its connection to jamaican traditional drumming. Links to videos, mp3s and CDs of reggae and traditional drumming plus afro-jamaican drumming notation. Authentic Jamaican Reggae, ragga, dancehall, dub, roots reggae, toasting, dj, afro-jamaican drumming and percussion. Collaborations with ROBBY SHAKESPEAR, STEVIE WONDER'S former Saxophonist-----MATT GOLDSBURY , Tabla Master TRILOK GURTU, PETER GIGER----- family of percussion , TOM NICHOLAS----former percussionist for PHAROAH SANDERS and DOLLAR BRAND, RAS ABRAHAM, JAMES DURST, MICHAEL KUTTNER

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